Tomorrow's solutions today!Be Upwardly MobileExperienced Experts and strategists

Tomorrow's solutions today!

Let us help you chart a successful course for your business, short term and long term.

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Be Upwardly Mobile

In today's highly competitive business world, what got you here wont get you there

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Experienced Experts and strategists

We have helped hundreds of SME's and individuals achieve success.

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Success doesn't just happen, it is a product of smart planning and Execution. Lets help you do that!

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The Business Clinic

The Business Clinic is designed to provide business owners and managers with quality business education and long term support they need to design and execute their strategy, with a guarantee of increased efficiency and sustainable growth

The Career Clinic

Career Clinic was designed  to help people find meaning in life and live fuller and more productive lives by aligning their career choices with their unique gifting, abilities and interests

About Us

Our drive at Maisematrix is to provide you with excellent business and people strategy, by locking our best effort into your goals, we deliver to you excellent business and people strategy to sustain organic growth within your organization. By constantly deploying innovation, excellence and an empathic service culture in creating a bouquet of healthy growth options for you, we will succeed in helping you create tomorrow’s solutions today! Read More



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Setting Your Table

Mr. Kelechi Eboh   Have you set your table? How have you set your table.Do you practice the 3 D’s  of setting our table. The three D’s for effectively and efficiently setting our table are Decision, determination and Discipline. Attendees were taught... read more