Business Clinic Q3- Built To Last

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The Business Clinic is designed to provide business owners and managers with the information and strategic tools they need to grow their businesses with a guarantee of increased productivity and sustainability in revenue generation. In this season of economic instability and uncertainty, when businesses are folding, it is imperative for any organization that wants to beat the market and stay ahead of competition to learn the secrets of thriving and growing.

Areas to be Covered
Why Businesses Fail: The Microeconomic Environment of Business
Business Law: Understanding Basic Legal Frameworks that Regulate Business Practice and How to Minimize Your Exposure to Liabilities
Building a Financial System to Save Your Business from Bankruptcy
Business Case Studies

Our Facilitators
Ike Kelikume  Lagos Business School
Chibueze Ngozi Former Counsel, Novartis Pharma
Obasi Simon Financial Analyst at One of the Big 4
Eze-Ifedy Ralph MaiseMatrix Consulting Limited

Benefits of Attending
FREE entry to our Proposal Writing Workshop in October
Free business and legal advisory services for a period of thirty (30) days
Up to 30% discounts on business registration and related services
Discounted prices on essential business support services
Opportunity to build synergy and share ideas through networking.